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Managed Print Services

A $1.2M Theft Demonstrates Another Reason For Managing Print
A few weeks ago a Wall Street Journal article described how a low-level receiving clerk at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center managed to steal more than $1M from the hospital by ordering printer toner and then subsequently stealing it and reselling it. While this may sound like an isolated incedent of an employee ‘running wild’, the reality is that the unmanaged nature of printing invites employee theft. Clearly, this is an unusual incident in terms of its size and magnitude, but it does take place on a much smaller scale everyday as employees print personal documents at work or even occasionally take home a toner or ink cartridge.

Since the cost of imaging (printing, copying and faxing) documents is highly decentralized, without some type of managed print services program to centrally monitor asset deployment and usage, the potential for shrinkage is dramatic. Despite the fact that each employee spends up to $750 per year in hard costs for document imaging (these are the tangible, out-of-pocket costs such as toner supplies, maintenance and other items that represent cash outlays). Most firms do not centrally manage or track this valuable corporate asset. In fact, I have yet to see document imaging as a line item on any corporate profit and loss sheet.
Clearly, there are many more benefits to managing the document production environment including savings from increased efficiency, device consolidation, improving document workflows and worker productivity. But managing misuse or outright theft is clearly (as this article indicates) important in what today is a highly-unmanaged, high-risk area.
At BMC, we are dedicated to helping our customers improve their business by being flexible, accountable and proactively delivering high value. We look forward to partnering with you and your company in this important initiative.
A “PrintSmart Quick View” of your current environment could provide the needed intelligence to influence cost reduction, efficiency and better business decisions.
Companies regularly devote substantial and un-quantified resources to print and print related services. Typically this occurs as the result of undefined processes and the delegated burden on internal departments due to a lack of a proactive print management procedure. This too familiar lack of print management process also subjects end users to greater inefficiencies, lower productivity and frequent frustration.

Acquiring a better understanding of the true cost of printing and related activities such as scanning, copying and faxing has been commonly difficult because it’s been historically handled in a fragmented manner. As a result, most companies do not know exactly how much it actually costs to print. Print costs routinely include the uncalculated but associated costs of purchasing or leasing, equipment service or maintenance, and the acquisition, distribution and use of parts and supplies.

Additionally, help desks  and other IT resources are laden with support calls related to printing and other issues in order to support the print infrastructure. Poorly distributed devices, driver issues, downtime and a lack of user support generally results from thinly stretched procurement and IT departments who have been inundated with numerous contracts, invoices, leases and other related documentation from multiple vendors. These issues also have a negative impact on both productivity and costs.

With your assistance and by taking a “holistic” view of your company’s total print environment, we will design an individually tailored print management plan. With our expert help many companies like yours are now capitalizing on the potential savings, increased efficiency and improved productivity that has previously eluded them.

We never take a cookie-cutter approach. What makes "PrintSmart" different from our competitors is that we build our solutions based entirely on each customer's needs. Our MPS programs are designed to grow with "you" the customer and evolve with your changing business requirements.
The Opportunity:
Total Care Print Management Solutions
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Multi-Vendor Printer Support (Regardless of Manufacturer)
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We Offer
A "PrintSmart - Quick View"
Using "non-invasive" print output measuring technology, a floor plan, a complete business walk-through and pre-scheduled interviews, we  create a complete "Quick View" which immediately zooms in on your company's current total print environment usage and costs. This "Quick View" is then utilized to intelligently offer recommendations to realign your print environment technology and processes,  improving productivity and decreasing expenditures almost immediately. 
Our Approach
We train our employees to take an educated, informed and true consultative approach. By focusing on you and your business, we create an individually tailored “PrintSmart” Solution which incorporates today's cutting edge technology with the core values, strategies and objectives of your company. Our goal is to truly make things better for you! In essence, every BMC employee knows that "Our Success is Measured by Your Success!"
Our Business is Improving Yours
At BMC we make it our business to help clients achieve an optimum
print output environment which balances productivity, cost and worker satisfaction. We do this by leveraging our expertise, processes and technology with you and your
employees in order to create a total “PrintSmart” Solution which cohesively aligns with your internal IT strategy.