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Where is my BMC ID number?
Your BMC ID number is on a silver sticker attached to the front of your machine. This number consists of 4-5 digits, and is very important when communicating with BMC about your machine. This number allows BMC to keep track of the machine’s history and the type of machine you have.
How do I get service or supplies for my machine?
BMC offers a variety of service contracts. Most of our contracts cover labor, supplies and parts. Other contracts just cover parts and labor. Our contracts are setup from monthly to quarterly billing options. We use the meter readings on the machines and type of machines to determine contracts. Contracts are offered with every sale.
How do I get a meter reading from my machine?
Print out a "status page" from the reports area of the System Menu. The meter will be on the right colomn of the page. We need the "printed pages" not the "scanned pages" and if your device is color capable, you may have up to 3 color meters as well as the B&W meter.

To submit a meter reading to BMC you must have your MACHINE ID # number and your meter reading. You can submit these readings by phone at 865-525-4262, email at
meters@4bmc.com, fax at 865-522-4484, or on our web form. Reporting meter readings is the customer’s responsibility. If they are not provided in a timely manner, they will be estimated and billing will continue.
How do I place a service call?
If you are having problems with your equipment, please contact our service department during our business hours at 865-525-4262 or you can contact us through email at service@4bmc.com, or place a service call on our website. Please have your ID number for the equipment when you place this call and details of the problem you are having. The more information we can pass on to your service technician the more prepared they will be.
Will BMC ever call to ask us if we need any supplies?
No representative from BMC will ever call to see if you need supplies for you equipment. The customer is fully responsible for keeping their stock levels adequate. This practice is in place to weed out “Toner Pirates”. Toner Pirates are companies that make calls to businesses stating that the price of toner is going up or to confirm a false order to get an address and find out what type of machine you have. They will then send you supplies and an invoice for three to four times the retail values of the supplies.
Be aware of these types of scams and contact our supply department if you receive any calls like this. Also, these Toner Pirates will not know about the BMC ID number. Most of these companies are out of Florida or California so if you receive supplies and they are not from BMC, refuse the order. This is a practice that has been a problem for equipment dealers for years. All we can do is educate our customers to these fraudulent practices.
How is toner supplied for my equipment?
You must order your toner, toner waste bottles or any other consumables, except paper, for your equipment. Supplies are shipped regular UPS at no charge for customers who have supplies covered under their maintenance agreement. A charge for freight is added for customers who pay for supplies. This charge covers UPS charges to BMC plus handling.
You may order your supplies by email at
supplies@4bmc.com, fax your order to 865-522-4484, place your order online on our supplies order page, or speak to our supply department at 865-525-4262 ext. 136. Please have your ID number for the equipment for which you need supplies when you place your order. Your order will be processed and shipped to you within a few days. Please remember to check your stock levels or contact us when you have replaced your last supply item. A UPS overnight shipment can be processed at the customer's request; however the customer will be responsible for overnight freight charges.